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Time 2Gbps


BackgroundIn 2021, Time launched its 100% fibre connection campaign with the big idea Kabel Besar - a double-meaning local slang that connotes strong internet speed but also powerful connections that one needs to succeed in life.ChallengeThe new generation wants things fast, easy, with instant results… basically, those who were raised with SHORTCUTS. So, how can we go deeper to make Time’s Kabel Besar, now with 2Gbps even more real and relevant in their lives?


We gave Malaysians the advantage of staying ahead.A strong internet connection for instant gratification, allowing them to cut short their ladder to success.We launched the campaign with a hero film, featuring our famous well-connected spokesperson Datuk Papa enjoying all the shortcuts in life. With Time’s 2Gbps, he cuts short his shortcut even shorter.Then, we took over the nation by expanding our shortcuts to every Malaysian through hyper-contextualised billboards, hyper-contextualised vogons, 6s bumpers and collaborations with content creators.


Executive Creative Director: Andrew Tan<br />
Creative Director: Andrew Perera<br />
Junior Art Director: Nazirul Syahmi Bin Norazlen<br />
Copywriter: Lee Wen Chi, Asyraf Arshad<br />
Group Brand Director: Joyce Gan<br />
Account Lead: Dylan Cheong<br />
<br />
Production House: Think Tank<br />
Executive Producer: Pete Singh<br />
Film Director: Maurice Noone<br />
Producer: Gray Loi<br />
DOP: Din<br />
Post House: Tank3 Asia<br />
Audio House: Tank Music<br />