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Kopi Susu McCafe


For most Malaysians, their first coffee is likely a condensed milk-based coffee. To transition to an espresso-based coffee that usually comes with fresh milk is a big departure from the familiar palette that Malaysians are used to.To facilitate this transition at the point of brand adoption into McCafé, we introduced a new offering that appeals to Malaysian palates - Kopi Susu McCafé, coffee which is espresso-based and made with condensed-milk. It is sweeter and richer, appealing closely to Malaysian palates & preferences. Seeing this huge opportunity to introduce our own take on a drink Malaysians truly love, we needed to find a way to innovate and infuse a new rasa to Kopi Susu McCafe.


We created “Vibe Kopi Susu,” an enchanting song collaboration that bridges together influencers from different generations - the timeless vocals of Malaysian legend Saloma, with the contemporary artistry of Malaysian rap sensation SonaOne and the melodious charm of singer Daiyan Trisha. “Vibe Kopi Susu” is a modern reinterpretation of the beloved Saloma classic, “Kopi Susu.” This iconic track has been reborn with a fresh and innovative twist, combining reimagined instrumentation, AI voice technology to seamlessly channel Saloma’s voice onto the song’s expanded lyrics, and masterful song production by the multi-talented SonaOne, who serves as both the co-writer and producer of the song.Vibe Kopi Susu was also spread across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify for maximum reach. Results:Over 5.4 Million total YouTube Views13K All Time Streams on Spotify+ 62.8% increase in McCafé sales


Client<br />
Vice President - Chief Marketing Officer : Melati Abdul Hai<br />
Marketing Director : Chin Mei Lee<br />
Marketing Manager : Jason Tan<br />
<br />
Agency<br />
Chief Creative Officer : Emir Shafri<br />
Senior Client & Creative Partner : Barry Victor<br />
Creative Director : Kim Wai Kuan<br />
Client Partner : Don Michael Acelar De Leon<br />
Associate Creative Director : Jeff Ho<br />
Associate Creative Director : Farid Ajlan<br />
Senior Copywriter : Xi Lynn Tan<br />
Senior BM Copywriter : Shuhadatul Zakaria<br />
Designer : Yee Keat Chan<br />
Associate Account Director : Huey Jen Tan<br />
Account Manager : Chiar Zhi Xuan<br />
Strategic Planning Manager : Jia Ying Chew<br />
<br />
<br />
Production<br />
<br />
Head of Production : Jennifer Hendroff<br />
Production House : Prodigious<br />
Director : Kurisu<br />
Senior Producer : San Wong<br />
Producers : Adrian Lee & Kyle Hon<br /&