Coway: The Art Of Dreaming

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Coway is a brand well known for water and air purifiers amongst Malaysians. In 2023, the brand aspired to expand its business portfolio with new products in the pipeline, ready to launch; introducing a series of new massage chairs, air conditioners, and mattresses that aim to improve the quality of living for Malaysians.But, how could Coway leapfrog far more established brands in the market and become the new leader in owning the product categories mentioned?


In 2023 The New Straits Times reported that 9 out 10 Malayisians suffered from some form of insomnia.  We wanted to delve deeper, to conduct a Nationwide public study of sleeping behaviours, we offered people something unique - visualisation of their dreams using Ai (plus good old photoshop)All of these pieces of art were uploaded onto a website of the Malaysian dreamscape - geo-located and tagged.  Selected pieces were then dynamically uploaded onto DOOH across the country.  By using Natural Language Analysis tool to categorise the emotional tone of each dream, we combined this with the survey data to discover which specific Coway products to could actively improve a subject’s sleep.  Over 5,000 dreamers received a unique work of art + a personalised path to better sleep.  By utilising Ai to visualise a never-before seen side of our humanity, we not only discovered unique insights into how Malaysians rest, we created the first ever product recommendation tool based on dreams.


Chief Creative Officer: Graham Drew<br />
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