Kisah Raya P.E.R.I.T

GOLD Film (Online): Single


Fastman Studios


Julie’s Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.


Julie’s Love Letters


Over the last 2 years, Julie’s has managed to gain a good following for their Hari Raya films that often trigger a conversation and challenge stereotypes. For its third edition, the intent was the same – to use the occasion to spotlight a topic that’s uncomfortable, paving the way for positive change. But the question was, how do we do it in a way that’s provocative, yet meaningful at the same time for our Malay-Muslim audiences?


It started with a simple insight: Raya ads always feature the perfect nuclear family. But the reality is that families today look different. And with the rising number of divorce cases in Malaysia, it was only natural that we put a spotlight on single parents, who have the hardest time during family-focused occasions like Raya.

We also knew that our film had to stand out from the crowd. After all, Raya is Malaysia’s biggest event. With that in mind, we created a genre-bending film that follows a very different Raya celebration between mom and daughter. One that peels back the layers of single parenthood and the stigma that comes with it. All wrapped up as a love letter from daughter to mom.

We launched the film on social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


Client: Julie’s Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Agency: GOVT Singapore
ECD: Aaron Koh
Group Creative Director: Kevin Poh
Copywriter: Yasira Yusoff
BM Copywriter : Hisham Idris
Producer: Jolene Mok
Servicing: Faith Khong, Joy Sng

Film Director: Lobak Loon
Co- Film Director: Colbie Ong
Asst. Director:  Elroy Lee
Producer: Elroy Lee
Production Manager: Alyssa Lai
PA: Amber , Yasmin
Casting : Chui Ko Sing (Emily) , Kwan Kwan
Location Manager:  Indra Shahrizad Azman
Art Director: Kokwei Lai
Asst Art Director: Jamie Chua
DOP: Kenz Koh
Focus Puller: Yew
2nd Cam Asst: Chun Hoong Kelvin Ng
Gaffer: Pik Horng Liew
Sound Man: Kent Loh
Facilities : Weng
Wardrobe : Darren Siew , Sam Lee
Makeup : Chen Jen Ying, Siew Ling Ng
Plate Shot : ChengHaw Yee
Post Production: Film Troop Studio
Post Producer: Kai Sheng
Colorist: Beh Jing Qiang
Online Artist: Kar Yaen
Audio Production: Real Time Studios