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In Muslim-majority Malaysia, sex is TABOO.
That includes public safe sex education. As a result, the sexual knowledge of young sexually active Malaysians was being influenced by adult-streaming websites.


So we launched Malaysia’s first school of safe, pleasurable sex, using someone even more enticing and influential than porn - SouthEast Asia’s first Penthouse Covergirl and Malaysian OnlyFans star Ms. Puiyi. Who conducted a Masterclass in safe sex and seductive ASMR Durex audio demonstrations, leading the way to engaging and enticing sex education content told through social media.


Executive Creative Director: Andrew Tan, Adam Miranda
Creative Director: Andrew Perera
Art Director: Abel Chai
Copywriter: Shaziana Sajath
Managing Director: Joyce Gan
Account Lead: Theresa Arthur
Account Servicing: Sabrina Chan

Production House: Layan Studio
Executive Producer: Andrew Tan
Film Director: Kimberly Hii
Producer: Kimberly Hii
Assistant Producer: Alvin Wee
DOP: Daniel Renu
Post House: Layan Studio
Editor: Kimberly Hii
Animation: Azam Ishak
Audio House: Wavefarer Audio