UNI5G: The Rebirth of Unifi Mobile

MERIT Brand Identity Design
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Grey Worldwide Sdn Bhd




Mobile Network Provider


Unifi is known nationwide for broadband. But we’ve also supplied mobile for years. Problem was, people just do not associate Unifi with mobile. And when 5G finally arrived, nobody was thinking of Unifi. So merely saying Unifi has 5G just isn’t enough. How could we make Unifi synonymous with 5G?


We modified our brand identity, putting mobile in the heart of our name, literally –Unifi became UNI5G. Utilising the silhouette of a smartphone to create a new framing device.

Presenting the UNI5G portal. A new brand identity, visually hardwiring mobile and 5G as an integral part of Unifi. Making the UNI5G portal an active symbol that makes Unifi Mobile instantly recognisable in the minds of Malaysians. From SMEs to families, gamers to content creators, music lovers to movie streamers, to sports fanatics and more. In just one month, awareness for Unifi Mobile increased by 36% and brand recall improved by a whopping 85%. More significantly, the introduction of the UNI5G portal and refreshed brand identity marks the rebirth of Unifi Mobile for the next era.


Agency: GREY Malaysia
Chief Executive Officer: Irene Wong
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Drew
Deputy Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Yeoh
Head of Strategy: Cindy Quek
Client Service Director: Jennifer Liew
Head of Digital Social Media: Wilfred Tee
Creative Director: Vernon Chan
Creative Group Head: Kiron Subhash, Juliet Tan, Ashraf Sheh
Senior Art Director: Andrew Lim, Lim Poh Yeng
Senior Designer: Bob Khaw
Vernacular Copywriter: Luqman Amir, Wayne See
Senior Brand Director: Andrew Lee
Senior Brand Manager: Charmayne Das
Agency Producer: Suzy Chiang
Social Media Team: Devaraj Balakrishnan, Haziq Issouffie, Jaganathan Sathasivam
Project Manager: Qistina Yazid

Film Production: Passion Pictures
Film Director: Felicia Yong
Executive Producer: Adrian Lai
Producer: Bernie Koh
Director of Photography: Eric Yeong
First Assistant Director: Shaun Goonting
Art Director: Anthony Chan
Editor: Johnny Chuah
Post-Production: Post2Post Studios
3D Animation: LorryPop Studio

Audio Production: Nacho Usual Collective
Music Composer: Bo Amir