Type R - Born For Track

MERIT Film Direction: Single
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Dentsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


Honda Malaysia


Honda Type R


Type R is a global high performance icon and the 2023 Type R is the most powerful one that Honda has ever created. To ramp up excitement for this model, we were asked to create a brand film that showcased its performance and handling. A film for the true fanatics of Type R.


The film let’s Type R speak for itself.
There wasn’t a need for much of a story.
Nor a need to feature characters.
There wasn’t even a need for music.
Just the pure performance and sound of Type R.
The film was paced to keep the excitement consistently high.
Type R conquered every corner and straight of the race track as its fans went along for the ride, feeling the adrenaline kick in as if they were driving it themselves.
The sound design was carefully thought out to appeal to die-hard fanatics, with the iconic engine roar stirring emotions and leaving them wanting more. To further amp up the performance, we added a ‘teleportation’ effect to certain track scenes, to make it seem as if Type R was so fast that it needed to catch up to itself.


Client: Honda Malaysia
Head of Sales & Marketing: Jordhat Johan
Project Member: Erwan Lee, Wendy Low
Agency: Dentsu Creative Malaysia
Group Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Low
Associate Creative Director: Steve Ooi, Julia Nicholson
Senior Art Director: Fikri Kamarudin, Jarrell Wong
Designer: Johan Roslie
Writer: Izzat Syahmi
Client President: Keiji Matsuhashi
Business Director: Foo Keat Wei
Senior Account Director: Mimi Yeoh
Senior Account Executive: Batrisyia Khaizuran
AV Producer: Mimi Yeoh
Film Director: IClaudius
Production House: Restless Productions
Executive Producer: Terrance Chua
Producer: Sam Chee
Production Manager: Shito
Director of Photography: Nicholas Chin
Art Direction: Anthony Chan
1st Asst. Director: Shaun Goonting
Offline Editor: Johnny Chuah
Colorist: Ooi Yi Jing
Online: Meccanica VFX
Online Editor: Hamman Amin
Music & Sound Design: Two AM Music
Music/Sound Director: Oliver Stutz, Kit Kuan