Kau Sundaeku

BRONZE Creative Effectiveness: Digital Experience




McDonald's Malaysia


Restaurant crew recruitment


McDonald’s has a severe personnel problem. The brand had a hiring rate of 70%, and a shocking turnover rate of 85%. Malaysian Gen Zs think working in McDonald’s is uncool, preferring to work in hip places like Starbucks or trendy cafes. Malaysian parents perceive McDonald’s as a workplace reserved only for high-school leavers whose only talents were flipping burgers and dipping fries. Even if a candidate was interested in the job, the laborious and complicated 30-minute application form is a turn off.
Malaysian Gen Zs have an avid love affair with bite-sized content, but there was a clear contrast between their fun swipes and the lack of that dopamine hit in their job search. Imagine: spending hours swiping through hilarious cat videos and memes, only to face a dry-as-toast job search and application experience. Our strategy? Linking their penchant for riveting content to the job hunt.


Kau Sundaeku - a 9-episode social-led drama series that was really a recruitment call in disguise. Each episode was less than 1-minute long, bite- sized format that was ideal for Gen Z’s content consumption habits. By focusing on one key benefit per episode, we maintained a cohesive narrative while delivering valuable information in an engaging manner.

65.7 million total video views across Instagram and TikTok
‘Employer of the Year’ and ‘Building Purposeful Talent Award’ 2023
Hiring rate went from 70% to 110%
Turnover rate dropped from 85% to 60%
For the first time in 30 years, McDonald’s has a surplus of talent; and we had to put the campaign on pause due to overwhelming results.


Idea Creator / Lead Agency: IDOTYOU
Executive Creative Director: Dorothy Fong
Writers: Dorothy Fong, Sheralyn Tan, Lau Tjia-Yi, Kyo, Yap, Nadia Nazir
Media & Performance: Jessica Chan, Yee Wei Shan, Mohamad Najmi bin Mohd Suhaimi
Project Manager: Amberly Cheah
Art Director: Lim Shi Ying
Video Editors: Max Chan
Motion Grapher: Ash Tan
Illustrator: Jesse Ching
Music: Samuel Tan


Pishang Creative
Director: Mohd Nabil Ifwat bin Mohd Nasir
Assistant Director: Mohd Shafifi Bin Mohd Suhir
BTS Photographer: Naqiuddin Md Shah

Yes Studios
Director of Photography: Brian Lee
Producers: Zachary Goh
Camera: Loh Yi Kang, Jonathan Wong Chou Jin
Art Department: Tan Wei Jian
Video Editor: Tan Yu Ming
Hair / Makeup: Ellie Yap, Lam Sin Wee
Production Assistants: Maberly Loo, Isaac Ng, Izuan Ibrahim, Khairul Naim, Amir Afando, Esther, Saravanan, Paramaguru,
Gafer, Grip & Sound: Lai Wai Loon, Timothy John Rajah, Yap Zheng Pang, Liew Cheong Jin, Loh Kar Mun
Dancers: Kei, Sharul

3 Stooges
Producers: Michael Lim
Director of Photography: YS Ting