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Post-pandemic (and the infamous Sheraton Move), Malaysians have been burdened with rising costs of living, inflation, Bank Negara raising the OPR rate yet again (but our gaji still belum naik), flood woes, constant traffic jams, LRT rosak, flaws in the education system, Malaysian mothers fighting for their rights – the list goes on. Adding insult to injury, politicians and their families are often photographed wearing designer items, and indulging in luxuries that cost far more than the average Malaysian can ever hope to afford.It is the memory of last year’s floods, which destroyed homes and devastated hundreds of families, and the lockdowns that put Malaysians out of work and made it a struggle to put food on the table. It is the memory of ordinary Malaysians coming out in droves to help one another, time and time again. Ordinary Malaysians who came together to help their neighbours through some of the worst times of their lives, while the politicians they elected to serv


But how do we get people talking about an issue? One: by making it relatable – nothing fuels the masses more than injustice and collective anger, and two: by making it painfully clear. When you list every single display of vulgar wealth by Malaysia’s political elite, it eventually reveals a larger picture of what can only be described as systemic injustice.So we decided to hit them where it hurts: their shopping habits. We built an e-commerce website aimed at highlighting the major wealth disparity between our politicians and regular Malaysians, by quantifying each luxury item a politician wore out publicly against something the regular folk struggle to obtain on a daily basis. We wanted to remind Malaysians that the consequences of the decisions we make in the voting booth stretch far beyond election day, and to leave them with this question: Can Malaysians be legitimately represented by politicians who flaunt such wealth?


Executive Creative Director: Fazil Fuad
Experience Director: Minn Alaidin
Editorial Director: Azlyn Balqis
Copywriter: Sunita Soh, Matthew Corban
Sr. Experience Designer: Hooi Kah Suit
Experience Designer: Tan Rou Tong