Coway Raya 2023: Lembaran Baru Lebaran

BRONZE Cinematography: Single


Grey Worldwide Sdn Bhd


Coway Malaysia


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Coway aims to create more meaningful connections with local audiences in order to build brand affinity. So how does Coway, a Korean water and air purifier brand stay relevant and talked about by Malaysians during one of the most celebrated and important festives of all time, Raya?


Growing up in a Malay household, for the most part, meant that there were certain unspoken rules, superstitions, and taboos (pantang larang) that we had to live by—even when we’re well into our adult years. However, a few if not all of them are generally just told to ensure our safety and well-being. Our beliefs are deeply rooted and are based on little evidence as we argue and fight over them. During this joyous occasion, we see an opportunity where we can learn from our past mistakes by debunking these old pantang larang(s)—to let go of the old and embrace its true meaning with Coway. We revive Malaysia’s repertoire of myth and folklore tales that resonate with both young and old, shining a light of truth to the misconceptions behind the many ‘pantang larang’ beliefs we still hear today.


Chief Creative Officer: Graham Drewamp
Deputy Executive Creative Director: Heng Thang Wei
Group Head: Ashraf Sheh
Copywriter: Raja Farhana
Designer: Aqeil Aziz
AV Producer: Suzy Chiang
General Manager: Marcus SK
Account Director: Patricia Lee
Production House: Reserve Tank
Film Director: Sling Ng
Producer: Shu Ying
Editor: Boyd See
Audio: Music House: Tank Music