Movies Go Well With Pizza Hut

SILVER Poster Design
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Pizza Hut


We all know that pizza and movies are the best combination. How can Pizza Hut own this moment and remind everyone that their favourite movies are best enjoyed with the most iconic pizza brand?


Pizza Hut and movies are the best combination ever. To express this, a series of iconic movie posters across multiple genres was recreated with an extra touch to complete it–the hut icon. These eye-catching posters appeared around town, engaging movie lovers to identify the film and cementing Pizza Hut’s place in pop culture.


Executive Creative Director: MUN
Creative Director: Ng Bee Nee
Creative Group Head: Nikki Chong
Art Director: Christopher Ongkowidjojo, Ginette Rinisha, Nikki Chong, MUN
Copywriter: Kellie Kan, Ng Bee Nee
Designer: Chong WinJett, Tan Zhe Yin
Business Director: Rena Tay
Brand Director: Lim Xin Ee
Producer: Betsy Hee
Studio Traffic Director: Jeremy Lim

Production Company: Studio 20Twelve

Client: Emily Chong, Muhaini Ghazali