BOH Notes of Diversitea

MERIT Best low-budget film
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Fishermen Integrated


BOH Tea Malaysia


Food & Beverage


To develop a Merdeka / Hari Malaysia Campaign that will resonate with Malaysians by reinforcing BOH’s Authentically Malaysian position via the hot water soluble range as the preferred choice for Malaysians to celebrate meaningful moments of togetherness.

Drive Brand Love by positioning BOH as a symbol of Malaysian pride.


Malaysia is a nation of diverse people but what we have in common is our love for Teh Tarik. So with that, for Merdeka and Malaysia Day, we come together in ‘unitea’ around a song ingrained into all Malaysians’ lives.

Using a variety of cups to represent that diversity, we filled them with different levels of Teh Tarik so that when struck by a teaspoon, would produce different musical notes, culminating in a rendition of our national anthem, Negaraku.


Executive Creative Director: Andrew Tan & Adam Miranda
Creative Director: Andrew Perera
Senior Art Director: YK Tan
Senior Copywriter: Lucas Lau
Group Client Services Director: Joyce Gan
Account Director: Theresa Arthur
Account Manager: Samantha Loh

Production House: Layan Studio
Producer: Alvin Wee
Director: Kimberly Hii
DOP: Daniel Renu
Cam Asst: Kelvin Loh
Gaffer: Hasri
Crew: Dhillon, AJ

Offline Editor: Kimberly Hii
Online & Color: Kelvin Loh
Art Department: Seni Lab
Sound design and Composing: Wavefarer Audio