TikTok Celebrates Hari Kebangsaan - #IniStyleKita

MERIT Music in Film Content


Two AM Music Global


TikTok Malaysia




To create a musical journey that carries a TikTok-trend-ready energy while simultaneously resonating with the Malaysian market and it’s unique nuances. The music for this film needed to carry the narrative in a way that was both multi-dimensional and multi-genre, yet still cohesive and relevant.


To achieve a dynamic arc within the music, the score contains multiple sections, each supporting a different narrative and serving a different purpose. The journey begins with a snappy rap collaboration with local TikTok star Mr Shaque. This collaboration creates an immediate sense of localization and created an instant interest point for Malaysians. The score swiftly transitions into a superhero-styled arrangement that brings humor to the introduction of the classic “Magic Hand” we all love and use. The coming shots display an array of local cultures which inspired us to mix things up with a mashup of traditional musical styles. An additional rap section opens up a second collaboration with another local star Adam Izzy. In a final push, the music shifts gears again to introduce Lee Chong Wei. This final anthemic track carries the viewer through a montage of shots pushing a strong feeling of nostalgia, excitement, and love for our culture that we as Malaysians treasure.


Audio House: Two AM Music Global
Composers: Adrienne Yong, Oliver Stutz, Herman Ramanado, Prisca Leong.
Rap: Mistashaque & Adam Izzy
Sound design: Ian Khoo & Kit Kuan Leong
Producer: Wira Chon

Agency: The Chariot Agency
Executive Creative Director: Jarrod Reginald
Creatives: Kuah Jenhan, Christyna Fong, Ng Yao Ding, Kavinish Nair, Samantha Tan, Charlene Wong, Dennis Tew, Syahrul Azril
Account Management: Gillian Yap, Amelia Pestana, Virakphan Suvanmani
Strategy: Bryan Leong
Agency Ops: Vanessa Pang
Film Director: iClaudius
DOP: Nicholas Chin
Editor: Johnny Chuah
Executive Producer: Claudine Sequerah
Art Director: Maliq Hussein
Post House : Meccanica EFX