#BikinSampaiJadi Made in Malaysia NFT Collection

MERIT Best brand experience & activation-led integrated campaign
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Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur






Hotlink was losing prepaid market share in East Coast and East Malaysia: communties that are immensely proud of their own artisans and crafts. How might we champion these craftspeople who lost their livelihoods during the pandemic?


We immortalised the craft of lcal artisans like Sandakan-born artist Kenji Chai on the blockchain via NFTs. We amplified their exposure further through an online content series, and even turned our outdoor media buys into canvasses for their art (which we also minted as NFTs).

By turning a global trend into an empowering local stage, we enabled aluable exposure and income for our local artists, with 3 million engagements, 32,701,218 imoressions and 10.9 million views. This in turn gave us brand love in the region, with +6 points in Rural Prepaid Brand Preference (reversing declines) and +26% subscriptions for Hotlink Prepaid Pantas.


Chief Creative Officer: Emir Shafri
Senior Creative Director: Walter Teoh
Creative Group Heads: Sze Mei Chan, Eelyn Ng
Senior Copywriter: Nur Surya Abu
Senior BM Copywriter: Izzul Rahim
Art Director: Nelson Tse
Copywriter: Hana Sudradjat
BM Copywriter: Amirul Mizan
Designer: Win Shin Lew
Senior Account Director: Vinz Low
Senior Account Executive: Michelle Chang
Social Media Executive: Nely Kamaruzaman
Media Planning Manager: Redzuan Haziq
Digital & Media Strategist: Zoe Tan