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Periods and a women’s intimate area are very much a taboo in Malaysia. According to the V-taboo Tracker, a global survey by Libresse: 65% of Malaysian women have not discussed menstruation with their partners. 1 in 2 women are embarrassed to talk about their intimate area.

Malaysian girls are being taught to endure periods alone. And they feel emotionally isolated during that time of the month. We believe that the more open young women are about their periods, the more emotional support they get, the less it is a taboo.

How do we spark conversations around this topic in a comfortable way for young women?


Instagram Stories is a popular platform where Gen Zs share their everyday stories. So we turned the womb into a series of animated gif characters which can be used as Instagram Stories stickers. Each character expresses a common feeling girls would experience during their periods.

So girls can story how they feel during their periods with just a tap. And get emotional support through reactions to their post.

We also turned the characters into plushies to spark conversations online & on-ground. So every girl can learn to embrace the way their periods feel. And not be shameful about it.


ECD / Art Director: Choo Chee Wee
ECD / Copywriter: Donevan Chew
Art Director: Phon Wei Xing, Kong Wai Yi
Copywriter: Vincent Chew
Designer: Su Anne Liew, Grace Lim Ching Yee, Phang Kah Yuan,
Tan Cai Jing, Clara Hor Wei Tong, Amy Ting Pei Yi, Tan Ying Sin.
Illustrator: Phon Wei Xing, Tan Ying Sin.
Animator: Hon Khai Yin
Business Director: Pang Li Li
Client Management Executive: Calista Rajendran
Production House: Awesome Studio
Producer: Jeffery Yeo
Photographer: Aaron Chin
Art Dept: Eng Chian Yu
Lighting: Dante Tee