Your First Times on Grab - a Personalised Report

BRONZE Creative Effectiveness: Direct
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Grab is built on the mission to create economic empowerment for everyone to drive Southeast Asia forward, and all of its social impact is documented in a corporate document circulated among a very niche audience of regulators and investors. How do we get the Average Joe in the streets to be more interested in the positive change Grab was making?


We turned a dry corporate ESG Report into millions of personal impact (PI) reports that Grab users can easily access from their smartphones. The PI reports are generated based on an individual’s transaction history on Grab, while we weaved a story between their purchases and the larger impact they were making, whether it was creating more job opportunities or providing a safety net when thousands lost their jobs during the pandemic.


Grab Creative Studio
Executive Creative Director: Carina Teo
Creative Director: Neo Ming Yi
Art Directors: Juwita Natanagara, Chua Mei Fong
Copywriter: Neo Ming Yi
Producer: Edison Tan
Engineers: Protik Roychowdhury, Benedine Chua, Michel Parreno
Marketing: Mindy Yap, Sulin Lau, Adeline Kwek, Jess Seow