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During the lockdowns, nobody was able to visit their local bars for a round of pints. With little to no visitors, bars were worried they would be closed down before restrictions were lifted. How can Carlsberg support the bars without even entering the premises?


Enjoying beers at home supports our local bars.

A virtual keg on your phone that fills up every time you drink at home. Scanning Carlsberg bottles or cans to fill up a keg and support local bars via mobile platform, an online microsite. An effort to help the bars come back stronger when they reopen. For when lockdowns are no more and people are able to visit their favourite bars physically for a pint or two using their Adopted Kegs QR code.


Executive Creative Director: Graham Drew
Creative Director: Andrew Fong
Copywriter: Selva Ganapathy
Art Director: Soo Soon Foon
Senior Brand Director: Daphne Wong
Senior Brand Manager: Andrew Ng