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Guinness Malaysia (Heineken Malaysia Berhad)


Guinness Draught In A Can


Guinness Draught (Guinness on tap) was only available in pubs and bars.

If you wanted Guinness at home, you could only buy Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, which had a different taste profile - without the smooth and creamy head.

In April 2022, Guinness Draught in a Can (GDIC) was launched in Malaysia and we were tasked on letting drinkers know that they can enjoy the same familiar head in their home.


These posters were displayed at the House of Guinness, a pop-up installation at APW Bangsar.

It introduces guests to the widget found inside Guinness Draught in a Can which creates Guinness’s famous smooth and creamy head by releasing nitrogen bubbles when the can is opened.


Executive Creative Director: Jodh Dheensay
Creative Director: Balreet Gill
Copywriter: Erina Nadzira
Designer: Natania David
Account Servicing: Chee Sook Yinn
Activation Lead: Chee Sook Yinn
Activation Director: Elisa Chiang
Production: Aldrin Anthony, Rohen G
Creative Mentors: Edward Ong, Linus Teoh