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Merdeka & Malaysia Day


2020. Pandemic hits the nation. And the infamous Sheraton Move too. Changed of government, political unrest and people losing hope. How can we expect Malaysians to be patriotic during Merdeka and Malaysia Day?


For generations, co-op shop in primary schools all over Malaysia have been selling states flag erasers to students. They’re a familiar sight in their pencil boxes. And they’re a symbol of states and national pride too. When political unrest struck the nation in 2020 amidst the pandemic, PETRONAS wanted to remind Malaysians to upheld this pride despite our differences in states, dialects, ethnics and religions. After all, we do have a common sentimental values in those states flags erasers that brings back the good old days memories of peaceful and harmonious Malaysia we used to grew up with.


ECD: Didi Pirinyuang
CD: Ahmad Nazril Ibrahim
GH: Adzzim Rosli
Copywriter: Carmen Cheong
Art Director: Adzzim Rosli
BM Copywriter: Nawiruddin Zainal Abidin
AV Director: Loreen Eva
Producer: Betsy Hee

Production House: Reservoir World Sdn Bhd?
Executive Producer: Sabrina Wong
Film Director: Ismail Kamarul
Writer: Naveen Bala & Ashraff Mokhtar
Producer: Yen Han
Production Assistant: Rudy Tan, Cindy Tai, Oscar Gan
BTS: Kale Lau
Editor: Willie Ong
Visualizer: Chee Yang
Music Composer: Raof Zamirdin @ Kena Sound
Sound Engineer: Megat Sazali & Abby Quddus @ SciFi Studio
Animation House: Astatica Sdn Bhd
Animation ECD: Alvin Seah
Executive Producer: Sandra Hendroff
Producer: Jester Chai
Offline Editor: Engku Ehsan
Online Editor: Dannysh Rosli, Ikhmal Gelbert
CG Artists : Zulfakar Ismail, Azam Shaukhi, Ridhwan Ghazali, Hasyif Hamzah, Fahim Fadzlishah, Mohamad Farhan