The SUPER-natural Smoky PERi-PERi

MERIT Visual Effects: Single
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TBWA Kuala Lumpur


Nando's Malaysia


Casual Dining Restaurant


PERi-PERi has always been the key in Nando’s recipes. It’s been innovated into many different menu items. So, when Nando’s decided to introduce Smoky PERi-PERi, they needed to find a way to intrigue fans. But, how could we create awareness about smoky flavour that’s indescribable? A mystery flavour that many had different interpretations to?


We huffed and we puffed, and poof! A SUPER-Natural idea was born. We leveraged on the pop culture fascination with supernatural movies like Fantastic Beasts, and created a magical theme focusing on the flavour being a SUPER-natural experience for all to discover. Seeding it out as a secret flavour, the mystery was soon revealed in a magical way through different channels, from social media to a short film ad in cinemas.


Chief Creative Officer: Gigi Lee
Associate Creative Director: Hex Ng
Creative Group Head: Shireen Ang, Ho Siew Voon
Senior Copywriter: Hex Ng, Kharlal Nisha
Art Director: Olivia Ariferiani
Copywriter: Wesley Murang Jon, Azril Zulkiflee
Designer: Olivia Ariferiani, Hansel Lok, Nicholas Siew, Anlyne Chen
Senior AV Producer: Fabian Lum
Business Unit Head: Judy Wong
Senior Brand Manager: Molly Ko
Account Executive: Esther Yow
Chief Operating Officer: Yee Hui Tsin

Production House: Passion Plus
Director: Darrel Hyon-Le
Executive Producer:  Aaron Lau

Post Production House : APV, Motion Graphic
3D : Chrome Pix

Audio House: The Rec Room Sdn Bhd, GT Records
Producer : Siew Kim Foong, Anand Shashidharan
Composer : Kieran Kuek
Sound Engineer : Thoo Jhen Ken, Brian Wong