Digi - A Special Little Place

BRONZE Visual Effects: Single
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Naga DDB Sdn Bhd


Digi Telecommunications




In May of 2018, Malaysia experienced a political renaissance with the peaceful and democratic removal of a 60-year-old regime. It was a delicate period in our history so when National Day came around, it was treated with extra care and attention. Digi, one of Malaysia’s largest telecommunications company, wanted a brand film that would reflect the hopes of a ‘New Malaysia’ while still honouring the successes of her past.


The idea was to paint Malaysia as a small nation of big achievements - and that Malaysia’s future is highly dependent on the contribution of her citizens. To do this, we collaborated with a miniature artist that would build familiar scenes of Malaysia, which could then be populated with local heroes and events.We wanted to tell a magical yet real story that every Malaysian could relate to, while driving home the message that every citizen can and must contribute to the building of the nation.


Chief Creative Officer: Alvin Teoh
Executive Creative Director: Paul Lim
Creative Director: Ellison Fernandez
Creative Group Head: Naqib Shamsuri, Zaheer Kaisar
Business Unit Head: Kevin Teh
Account Manager: Ng Mun Tyng
Agency Producer: Lee Ling Chen
Agency Assistant Producer: Desmond Koh
Film Director: Maurice Noone
Producer: Heng Deshen
Audio Production: Fuse Asia
Post Production: Asia Pacific Videolab