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MERIT BM Copywriting, Content Writing & Scriptwriting: Single
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Naga DDB Sdn Bhd


KFC Malaysia


KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch


KFC Malaysia wanted to launch a campaign for KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch, a new fried chicken with a Korean Twist. A lot of other fast food brands have introduced their Korean flavored meals by leveraging on the popularity of K-Pop. How can our communication be different?


Based on the observation that not everyone who loves Korean food loves K-Pop, we came out with the direction of ‘You don’t have to go Korean to love the KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch’.


Chief Creative Officer: Alvin Teoh
Executive Creative Director: Paul Lim
Creative Director: Jeremy Yeoh, Suryadipura Salleh
BM Copywriter: Firdaus Nadzir
Head Of AV: Sharon de Silva
AV Producer: Chris Lau
Business Unit Head: Sharon Woodford
Account Director: RZ Chew
Senior Account Executive: Vivien Hon

Audio House: The Rec Room
Producer: Kim Siew, Xinyu Lim
Sound Engineer: Jashir Junaidi

VO Talent: Bell Ngasri, Sabrina Farouk, Syarifah Nurfarhana