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Language changes every day, especially street language, where words pop up and disappear quickly. Those that appear will be used constantly (where the actual meaning may be subjected to interpretation) and those that go away will be forgotten almost immediately. How can we collect, document, explain, and preserve these words in a way that would appeal to Malaysians?


We wanted a place that Malaysians can learn from, and that we can update constantly. We decided to present MySlangBank as a visual dictionary, using Instagram as a platform. It allowed us to present something that was aesthetically pleasing, and also informative as well.

The typography had to be captivating, worthy of being the centre of attention, and had to convey the word’s meaning in one glance. Inspiration came from various traditional Malaysian elements, childhood memories, and also pop culture, to create typography that was beautiful, yet easy to read and understand.

The typography illustrated the word’s characteristics, via the use of hard and soft-looking fonts, as well as script/feminine style for softer words, and chunky/masculine ones for tougher words. Some designs used typography as its main story, while others worked seamlessly with the surrounding designs.


Chief Creative Officer: Gigi Lee
Creative Director: Fazlee Sabbaruddin

Zhafirry Fenner
Zul Zakaria
Farah Rabiah
Zulika Shaharom
Fazlee Sabbaruddin
Marlina Padzil
Adora Roslan

Art Directors + Designers + Illustrators: