The Secret Tale of the Mighty, Mini PERi-PERi

BRONZE Art Direction: Single
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The Secret Tale o Mini PERi-PERi.png


TBWA Kuala Lumpur


Nando's Malaysia


Casual Dining Restaurant


People love their Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce. But with copycats from competitors, Nando’s needed to raise awareness on what makes the chillies in Nando’s PERi-PERi so special. Problem is, how can we get young people interested, when attention spans are getting shorter and shorter?


We created an interactive storybook about a mighty, mini PERi-PERi chilli warrior, that brought the fiery heart, soul and spirit of Nando’s to life. To reach out to young people, we featured it through Facebook and Instagram as a targeted Instant Experience, designed for the one place they spend time most - their mobiles. Targeting them based on their age, profile and interests.

How it works:
1. When targeted users click on the Facebook Ad it will open the Instant Experience.
2. On the ad, they can experience the story by swiping through frames or tilting to view 180 degree scenes.
3. At the end, users will be directed to the Nando’s website to find out more about the fiery PERi-PERi chilli.

The Result? 1,458,030 impressions, 9110 post conversations and 13,367 clicks. All in just one week and counting.


Chief Creative Officer: Gigi Lee
Creative Group Head: Ho Siew Voon
Creative Lead, Senior Copywriter: Kharlal Nisha
Art Director, Designer, Illustrator, Typographer: Olivia Ariferiani
Junior Copywriter: Adelle Adrian

Designer: Anlyne Chen
Senior AV Producer: Fabian Lum
Production: TBWA\Make
Animator: Ken Foong

Strat Planning: Nazirah Ashari

Managing Director Yee Hui Tsin
Business Unit Head: Judy Wong

Senior Brand Manager: Molly Ko
Account Executive: Esther Yow

Media Agency: Ampersand Advisory

Production House: KF Production, TBWA\Make
Audio House: GT Records