11 Finger Lickin Good Goods

BRONZE Best direct-led integrated campaign
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Naga DDB Sdn Bhd


KFC Malaysia




KFC has called Malaysia home for 46 years. The brand’s heritage is uncontested by any of its competitors. To most Malaysians, KFC means something to them. But to the youth, KFC is seen as an old brand. How do we make the youth of Malaysia feel proud to associate themselves with KFC?


In celebration of Malaysia Day, KFC turns its heritage into a fashion statement. KFC collaborated with homegrown streetwear brand, Pestle & Mortar Clothing to create 11 Finger Lickin’ Good Goods - a collection that celebrates the collision of culture between KFC and Malaysia. The collection features designs that were inspired by classic Malaysian prints infused with contemporary streetwear styles. Every piece tells a story.

For the launch, we served it the KFC way. We took over the Pestle & Mortar Clothing store and turned it into a KFC restaurant. Even the packaging was recreated and redesigned to complete the KFC restaurant experience.


Naga DDB Tribal

Chief Creative Officer: Alvin Teoh
Executive Creative Director: Paul Lim
Creative Director: Jeremy Yeoh, Suryadipura Salleh
Creative Group Head: Rachel Hoo, Gui Jiann Rong, Naqib Shamsuri
Senior Copywriter: Candice Chhoa
Art Director: Bobby Lai, Sam Lai
BM Copywriter: Zhaffiry Fenner Zakaria
Head of AV: Sharon de Silva
AV Producer: Lee Boon Hsin
Business Unit Head: Sharon Woodford
Account Director: RZ Chew
Senior Account Manager: Brian Khoo

Pestle & Mortar Clothing

CEO and Founder: Hugh Koh
Business Lead: Lim Fei Xiang
Creative Lead: Jack Gan
Sales & Partnership Lead: James Adam Tang
Partnership & Marketing: Sakti Kana
Communications: Lucas Lau

Directors Think Tank

Film Director: Carolyn Chon
Executive Producer: Pat Singh
Producer: Sare Raman
DOP: Sam Koay
Film Editor: Kalidazz Chandra
Post Production: Asia Pacific Videolab
Audio Production: 1Hundred Studios