KFC Original Series

MERIT Data-enhanced creativity
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Naga DDB Sdn Bhd






In the tail end of 2018, KFC outlets faced a nationwide backlash due to price hikes. To mitigate the negative sentiments, KFC requested a social media campaign that would help increase brand love and positive engagement.


The mission was to remind our audience about their love for KFC and everything the brand stands for - and we knew this story could be found in our social data. And we landed on the most obvious data everyone ignores: comments and tweets.Using a set of social listening tools, we combed through our social data to find unique and interesting comments/tweets surrounding the KFC brand that could be used to create a powerful brand story. The best ones were turned into actual short films with each given a different genre treatment based on its respective content and lingo.The final campaign consisted of a series of short films based on real comments and tweets, with the original authors featured at the end of each film.


Chief Creative Officer: Alvin Teoh
Executive Creative Director: Paul Lim
Creative Director: Jeremy Yeoh, Suryadipura Salleh
Creative Group Head: Naqib Shamsuri, Gui Jiann Rong, Rachel Hoo
Business Unit Head: Sharon Woodford
Account Director: RZ Chew
Senior Brand Executive: Eugene Ong
Head of AV: Sharon De Silva
AV Producer: Rosa Check
Film Director: P Prem Anand Pillai
Post Production: Sotong Potong
Audio Production: Real Time Studios