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World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)




We know what plastic is doing to our nature. But what about us?  More than 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in oceans every year, less than 9% of all plastic is recycled. Animals are dying, oceans are choking - but we are not acting. Reducing plastic bags and straws is a tiny percentage of the problem, global governmental change is needed.


Making the environmental plastic crisis personal to ignite action.  WWF research revealed that microplastics have entered the food chain, we quantified this research from abstract data into everyday objects that are impossible to ignore.  Instead of up to 2,000 microplastics - you could be eating a credit card a week. Led by a digital film and website experience that drove people to sign personal pledge.  We created a set of campaign materials that were adopted by WWF offices all over the world. All of these led people to yourplasticdiet.org where people found out how much plastic they ate, compelling them to sign one of the fastest and largest petitions ever created in WWF history.This petition will now be formally presented at United Nations General Assembly in October 2019.


Executive Creative Director: Graham Drew<br />
Creative Director: Heng Thang Wei<br />
Creative Director: Andrew Fong<br />
Art Director: Ralve Khor<br />
Copywriter: Selva Ganapathy<br />
Graphic Designer: Kevin Wong<br />
Producer: Suzy Chiang<br />
General Manager: Jo Yau<br />
Senior Brand Director: Marcus SK<br />
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