Volvo Safe Drive Hour

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Brand Context
May 2019 was the 60th Anniversary of Volvo’s invention of the 3-point safety belt, an invention that Volvo found so important that it shared the patent with the world.  This technology is now in every car and has saved over a million lives.  It is also the perhaps most tangible evidence of the brand’s continued commitment to safety for all.

Consumer Context
Globally, Volvo’s commitment to safety is a core element of the brand’s strength.  However, in Asia, safety does not resonate as well, Volvo is still perceived as an ‘old man’s’ car, and safety = boring.

Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Volvo’s invention of the 3-point safety belt and their sharing of the patent to the world.

How could we make a 60 year old road safety fact relevant to a nation of drivers who don’t think about safety when choosing a car?


The Safe Drive Hour: Converting car radios into a safety device, a new safety innovation that works in any car, just like the 3-point seat Volvo created 60 years ago. Behavioral Science: Driving Under the Influence of Music Research from the London Metropolitan University found that music impacts driver’s behavior. Music played at lower beats per minute


Grey Team
Graham Drew, Executive Creative Director
Andrew Fong, Creative Director
Brendan Low, Copywriter
Soo Soon. Foon, Art Director
Suzy Chiang, Producer
Daphne Wong, Brand Director
Esther Koh, Account Manager

Huma Qureshi, Regional Director PR & Corp Comms APAC

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