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MERIT Film (Broadcast & Cinema): Campaign
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Naga DDB Tribal


Panasonic Malaysia


Air Conditioners


Panasonic introduced its range of air conditioners which comes with a built-in air purifying system called nanoeTM Technology. It was designed to remove 99% of indoor air pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mould, as well as dust.
However, people are unaware of the indoor air pollution problem - where it could get 10 times worse than outdoors. They are unfazed by this fact because don’t see the consequences of breathing it in. Therefore, they don’t see a reason to buy our nanoeTM air conditioner.


So, the core strategy for this campaign was to make people see the severity of indoor air pollution, by turning invisible air, visible. We drew parallels between air intake and food intake. Because when it comes to food, Malaysians are extremely passionate about it. They take their food very seriously and we wanted to arrest our audience’s attention by showing their favourite food in a totally unappetizing light.
Introducing Airdibles, the campaign that used indoor air pollutants to form iconic Malaysian dishes, to make people realize that they consume air just like how they consume food. People care about what they eat and drink but not when it comes to what they breathe.
We chose 3 well-known local dishes: Nasi Lemak (Coconut Milk Rice), Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea) and Curry Puffs. Only this time, we used air pollutants like dust, hair, pet fur and mould. to make them. So, instead of looking delicious, they looked disgusting.


Chief Creative Officer: Alvin Teoh
Associate Creative Director: Jerome Jambu
Senior Copywriter: CS Quah
Art Director: Abel Chai
Copywriter: Shaziana Sajath
Associate Brand Director: Janice Lim
Senior Brand Executive: Erin Low, Jayden Teoh
AV Producers: Sharon de Silva, Chris Lau