Huru-Hara Hari Raya

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Vinda Deluxe Extra Strong Tissues


Sell #ExtraStrong kitchen towels during Raya. The brand new Vinda Deluxe dry and wet kitchen towels were set to launch during Ramadan/Hari Raya 2019. We needed a film that communicates their #ExtraStrong benefits, while cutting through the sea of festive ads, just like how our products cut through oil, grease and kitchen mess.


Kitchen Warfare: #ExtraMess #ExtraDrama needs #ExtraStrong To differentiate ourselves from the fuzzy heartwarming ads that characterise local festive seasons, this film portrays the messy reality of Raya, where the pressure of cooking for the metaphoric whole kampung (village) turns our kitchens into war zones. Just as true adversity makes great hero, the drama of kitchen warfare allowed our #ExtraStrong product benefits to shine through.


Chief Creative Officer, Merdeka LHS: Huang Ean Hwa
Senior Creative Hybrid, Merdeka LHS: Azlaili Yunus, Chak Mohamed
Creative Hybrid, Merdeka LHS: Shrny Chin,Kyril Edlin, Peh Xin Ying, Deborah Woong
Creative and Content Producer, Merdeka LHS: Rachel Lian
Director, Playhouse Pictures: Ismail Jamaludin
Producer, Playhouse Pictures: Amar Fhairuz, Azhari Mohd Hata
Chief Strategy Officer, Merdeka LHS: Dr. Milan Agnihotri
Managing Partner, Merdeka LHS: Edmund Hon, Yasmin Mokhtar
Associate | Branding & Design, Merdeka LHS: Vinod Manoharan
Marketing Director, Vinda Marketing Sdn. Bhd.: Evelyn Chan
Marketing Manager, Vinda Marketing Sdn. Bhd.: Ian Ong
Brand Manager, Vinda Marketing Sdn. Bhd.: Fernnie Yong
Senior Marketing Executive, Vinda Marketing Sdn. Bhd.: Melissa Liew