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Merdeka LHS


Vinda Marketing Sdn Bhd


Vinda Deluxe Extra Strong Tissues


Vinda Deluxe Tissues is all about strength, specifically its signature knitted fiber technology. To champion the brand’s value proposition of strength, in 2019, Vinda Deluxe celebrated the strongest people of all - women. But in an era where feminist brand messaging is everywhere, how does a tissue brand communicate this in a new and refreshing way?


Tears. Tears are often seen as a sign of weakness. Vinda Deluxe disagreed and chose to present tears as a new symbol of true strength. Via vignettes of women doing what they do best, the campaign was launched in time for International Women’s Day 2019 and carried through to Mother’s Day and Merdeka (Independence) Day.


Chief Creative Officer, Merdeka LHS: Huang Ean Hwa
Senior Creative Hybrid, Dentsu LHS: Azlaili Yunus
BM Copywriter: Faridah Sulaiman
Creative Hybrid, Merdeka LHS: Kyril Edlin, Peh Xin Ying
Creative and Content Producer, Merdeka LHS: Rachel Lian
Director, Playhouse Pictures: Henry Ooi
Producer, Playhouse Pictures: Amar Fhairuz, Azhari Mohd Hata
Chief Strategy Officer, Merdeka LHS: Dr. Milan Agnihotri
Managing Partner, Merdeka LHS: Edmund Hon, Yasmin Mokhtar
Associate | Branding & Design, Merdeka LHS: Vinod Manoharan
Marketing Director, Vinda Marketing Sdn. Bhd.: Evelyn Chan
Marketing Manager, Vinda Marketing Sdn. Bhd.: Ian Ong
Brand Manager, Vinda Marketing Sdn. Bhd.: Fernnie Yong
Senior Marketing Executive, Vinda Marketing Sdn. Bhd.: Melissa Liew