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Mudah.my has made its mark as the go-to-online marketplace for Malaysians, but the brand is ranked 10th in consideration among the Chinese consumers. With Chinese New Year approaching, Mudah became a taboo for its perceived image as a 2nd-hand marketplace.

In order for the brand’s business to grow, Mudah needed to connect with the Chinese community.
The Chinese community believe numbers hold the answer to fortune, with some even keeping a flowerhorn as a source of lucky numbers & wealth.


Just before the CNY season, we hooked our audience by releasing 32665 - a set of lucky numbers as a code of fortune through a catchy tune. This was done through a humorous online video depicting a superstitious family convinced that they’ve struck a fortune, only to realise in a twist that 32665 decoded, means Mudah. The revelation shows Mudah’s potential as a platform to strike a fortune.

The humorous video and catchy song with lucky numbers proved to resonate with Malaysians.

- More than 7 MILLION views on YouTube & Facebook combined
- Buzz among Chinese community went up by 177%
- Recommendation of brand among Chinese community went up by 103%
- Improved brand value score of 109%
- It became the 6th most considered brand, rising for its previous 10th position
- Drive intent to use Mudah.my went up 225%


Executive Creative Director: Liew Sanyen
Client Services Director: Jean Tang
Associate Account Director: Sharon Hew
Creative Group Head: Chinwei Wong
Senior Art Director: Joe Chan
Senior Copywriter: Waikit Lam
Designer: Estelle Lai
Production House: Sotong Potong Studio