U Mobile - The Most Kaww CNY ad

MERIT Chinese Copywriting
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U Mobile


U Mobile P99 (PKawwKaww)


There was no brief. We initiated an opportunity we felt we could not miss, to link the U Mobile product, P99, to the year of the dog (kaww).


As it was an opportunity too good to miss, we decided to create a Chinese New Year commercial for the newly launched Unlimited P99 plan and link it to the year of the dog (kaww) and all the very ‘kau’ things that we could do, or could happen during Chinese New Year


Chief Creative Officer: Gigi Lee
Creative Group Head: Hex Ng
Art Director: Chang Chun Boon
Copywriter: Carmen Cheong
Chinese Copywriter: Sim Ling
Designers: Izmeq Fenner, Sara Chong
Producer: Fabian Lum
Brand Director: Zachery Inri
Brand Manager: Eilene Eng
Brand Executive: Amanda Ooi
U Mobile Head of Marketing: Jenny Chin
U Mobile Manager, Marketing Services: Ruth Gong
Production: Wayang Works Sdn Bhd
Director: Laura Low
Producer: Nadiah Hamzah