5 Sekawan

BRONZE BM Copywriting: Campaign
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M&C Saatchi (M) Sdn Bhd


Celcom Axiata Berhad


Corporate (Brand)


In a competitive and saturated telco market, Celcom looked to maintain visibility and presence; in order to increase likeability, recall and top of mind awareness. We saw an opportunity to achieve this during festive periods.


We looked to achieve this through the use of nostalgia, by taking Malaysians back to a simpler time through the ‘5 Sekawan’ series - a collection of charming tales featuring 5 close knit friends coming from differing backgrounds. Released during the festive period, each story brought Malaysians back to the good ole days when friendship stood above race and religion. Because as a brand that connects people, Celcom wanted to reconnect Malaysians again with the meaning of being a Malaysian.- Lagenda 5 Sekawan – Malaysia Day 2017- 5 Sekawan Kembali Lagi – Deepavali 2017- 5 Sekawan Selamanya – Chinese New Year 2018- Jalinan 5 Sekawan – Gawai & Kaamatan 2018- Kasih 5 Sekawan – Hari Raya 2018


Executive Creative Director:  Marzuki Maani

Creative Director:  Ken Lee

1. Adriyanti Bt Mohd Ghazaly (Lagenda 5 Sekawan, Deepavali)
2. Azeril Johari (Lagenda 5 Sekawan)
3. Usamah Azlan (5 Sekawan Selamanya, Jalinan 5 Sekawan, Kasih 5 Sekawan) 
4. Yusman Rosdi (BM Copywriter)

Art Director:
1. Ken Lee (Lagenda 5 Sekawan, 5 Sekawan Kembali Lagi, 5 Sekawan Selamanya) 
2. JT Lau (5 Sekawan Kembali Lagi)
3. Faras Atras (Jalinan 5 Sekawan, Kasih 5 Sekawan)

Group Account Director: Janice Wee (Lagenda 5 Sekawan, 5 Sekawan Kembali Lagi, 5 Sekawan Selamanya, Jalinan 5 Sekawan, Kasih 5 Sekawan) 

Senior Account Director: Nailul Aini (Lagenda 5 Sekawan ) 

Account Manager: Marcia Tan (5 Sekawan Selamanya, Jalinan 5 Sekawan, Kasih 5 Sekawan)

Film Production Company: Carrot Film

Film Production Director:
1. Cheong H.H (Lagenda 5 Sekawan, 5 Sekawan Selamanya) 
2. Dick Chuan (5 Sekawan Kembali Lagi, Jalinan 5 Sekawan, Kasih 5 Sekawan)

Executive Producer: Evelynn Tan

AV Producer: Phoenix Tham/ Sheikh Munasar

Post Production Company: Carrot Film

Sound Production Company: Fuse Adventures In Audio