Impianku Tetap Membara

MERIT BM Copywriting


Naga DDB Tribal Sdn Bhd


Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad




When Prudential became the official sponsor of SEA Games 2017, it was an opportunity for us to ride on the hype and redefine the insurance story, especially to the younger, next generation of consumers who do not see the need or value in planning with insurance.The Challenge: How do we change the insurance conversation and make Prudential relevant to a younger audience during the SEA Games?


SEA Games is a platform for young athletes to compete and strive for their dreams. It also rallies Malaysians to support the nation’s dream. In light of this, we repositioned insurance as something everyone has, and is willing to invest in – dreams – and Prudential as the “proud supporter” of these dreams.By employing visuals and themes that resonate with today’s generation of dreamers, we recreated the torch run – a significant event during the games. The flame of the torch symbolises dreams. It is carried and protected by a torchbearer that represents Prudential.In this film, the torchbearer overcomes the twists and turns of life’s journey, while keeping the flame of the torch alight.


Executive Creative Director: Alvin Teoh, Paul Lim
Creative Director: Alex Wong, Jeremy Yeoh
Copywriter: Candice Chhoa, Naqib Shamsuri, Raphael Ang, Hisham Idris
Art Director: Simon Yip
Head of AV: Sharon de Silva
AV Producer: Lee Boon Hsin
Account Director: Rachel Chew
Senior Account Manager: Edeleen Lunjew

Film Production: Reservoir World
Film Director: Quek Shio Chuan
Director of Photography: Eric Yong
Executive Producer: Chow Chun Son
Producer: Sabrina Wong

Post Production: Asia Pacific Videolab

Audio House: The Rec Room
Composer: Tatsuro Miller
Sound Designer: Thro Jhan Ken
Lyricist: Naqib Shamsuri, Ryan Tan
Producer: Kim Siew

Client: Fiona Liao