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Brief: To re-engage people with the complex human story of refugees, particularly the Rohingya, creating genuine empathy to galvanise understanding and action. To throw a spotlight, domestically and globally on the Rohingya situation which has been overshadowed by the global refugee situation in Syria.Objective 1: Create empathy and understanding of the refugee situation in Malaysia to aid lobbying support for UNHCR.Objective 2:Spread global knowledge of the Rohingya refugee situation to help global lobbying efforts of the UNHCRObjective 3: Create an effective donation/volunteer tool that can help sustain UNHCRObjective 4:The idea has to be self sustaining.  We have no media budget, so PR and Word of Mouth are crucial to spreading the message.


Put people in the shoes of a refugee by turning the crisis into a compelling personal drama that people experience first hand.  By using the familiar functions of your smart phone as a storytelling platform we created a uniquely personal experience that put you in the shoes of a refugee fleeing for her life.MESSAGES - Over 800 separate messages from 8 characters were crafted into complex intertwining dialogue trees, creating different outcomes dependent on the users’ response. IMAGES - Via UNHCR we cast two Rohingya refugees as the main characters – Kathijah and Ishak.  Using a whole bank of images in the phone gallery as a way to paint the backstory of Khatijah, as well as key plot points.VIDEO – Bespoke films were shot for key plot points to dramatise the action.ACTION - A UNHCR module was built inside the Finding Home interface which meant that users could instantly act upon the experience. The module linked users directly to the UNHCR website where they could


Executive Creative Director : Graham Drew
Creative Group Head : Heng Thang Wei
Senior Copywriter : Michelle Chong
Art Director : Ian Lai
Digital Art Director : Terces Pok
Video Editor : Mohamed Ismed
General Manager : Jo Yau
Brand Director