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Forests are a large contributor to rain. They influence the amount and timing of downpours. As more forests are destroyed, the rain decreases at a faster rate, leading to longer droughts and higher temperatures. Because climates are linked globally, forests cleared in one area affects the entire globe. According to Google forest map, Malaysia has the world’s highest deforestation rate. This had contribute to a reduction in rainfall globally. Greenpeace Malaysia is on a mission to warn and educate the public as well as corporations on the danger and price of rapid deforestation.


The solution is to depict a future landscape, ravaged by drought with a visual twist - the mud cracks are form by logs of wood from destroyed forests, which fills the barren land that stretches as far as the eye can see. The message ends in a cautionary note: “Don’t cut off our planet’s water source”, and a call-to-action to pledge support to the cause at Greenpeace website. To stay in line on saving trees, the visual was created entirely with CGI. The shock and awe approach is meant to provoke thought and awareness, so that our generation and especially policy makers will keep in mind the importance of forests in future development plans, and to do more to regulate the logging industry.


Chief Creative Office: Woon Hoh
Executive Creative Director: Nicholas Kosasih
Creative Director (s): Ray Goh, John Dorai, Max Tan
Head of Art: Loo Kok Seng
Copywriter(s): Ray Goh, Vince Lee
Art Director: Loo Kok Seng
Client Service: Mabel Lee, Rose Nelli Rusli
Print Producer: Chris Yeap, Rea Lam, Lay Ling
Production Company: Illusion, Bangkok
illustration: Illusion, Bangkok
CGI Artist: Illusion, Bangkok