The Sounds of Travelling Well

SILVER Music & Sound Design in Film


McCANN Erickson (M) Sdn Bhd


Cathay Pacific Airways Limited


Cathay Pacific & Cathay Dragon


Cathay Pacific is a well-known airline in Malaysia, but it is perceived as somewhat old-fashioned. The newly-acquired Cathay Dragon also suffered from the same issue. Adding to the problem was that the most crucial segment of our target audience, Millennial travellers, found little appeal in the airlines’ traditional advertising efforts. They perceived the brand as not relevant to them.


Since Malaysian youth deeply love music, we created a song for them. But a song unlike any other. “The Sounds of Travelling Well” is comprised entirely of the natural, ambient sounds we hear when we travel. And not one single musical instrument.

On a journey with the two airlines, we collected hundreds of “live” sounds at various locations around Asia. Then began a huge process of trial and error. Assembling it was like solving a giant jigsaw puzzle where the pieces didn’t necessarily fit.

Through experimentation, sharper sounds like Hong Kong’s iconic Ding-Ding tram were turned into strings, while heavier sounds like a bamboo-cutting ritual in Kyoto formed the percussion.


McCann Erickson (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Chief Executive Officer : Sean Sim
Chief Creative Officer : Ng Heok Seong
Associate Creative Director : Yow Kuan Wai
Copywriter : Zachary Yeoh
Designer : Thomas Chiew
Executive Creative Director : Gavin Hoh
Digital Project Manager : Yuinny Soong
Digital Tech Lead : Jason Chia
Digital Designer : Hanafi Roslan
Head of AV : Pauline Moreira
Head of Strategic Planning : Nura Yusof
Business Director : Jeannette Laws
Account Manager : Carmen Lim
Account Executive : Amber Gan

Fuse Adventures in Audio
Sound Engineer : Lim Onn-Jian
Music Composer : Kimberly Chin
Producer : Jimmy Tan, Chawirat Tan

Passion Pictures
Executive Producer : Zureen Zulkifli
Film Director : Darrel Tan Hyon-Le
Sound Recordist : Alex Thong
Director of Photography : Kenz Koh
Producer : Felicia Choi