The Other Sanders

MERIT Creative Effectiveness: Promo & Activation
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QSR Stores Sdn Bhd




With over 57% KFC staff being women, we wanted to celebrate them on International Women’s Day. But how do we join the voices of change without paying lip service as many brands tend to do, or courting controversy?


On International Women’s Day, we replaced the Colonel’s face with his wife’s, Claudia, who played an unsung yet significant role in the success of KFC – and shared her story across various touchpoints. It allowed a conservative country to celebrate our fairer, better, stronger selves. In the end, it was a simple logo takeover but the whole world noticed.


Executive Creative Director: Kevin Le, MUN
Creative Director: Amir Faiz, Stanley Clement
Copywriter: Kevin Le, Zahir Mazlan
Art Director: MUN, Amir Faiz, Izham Sofia
Illustrator: Shannon Chan
Senior Social Media Manager: Hajar Yusof
Senior Social Media Executive: Charmaine Boo
Client: Angelina Villanueva