Cooler Lumpur 2017 - The Maker Agency

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TBWA Kuala Lumpur


Cooler Lumpur Sdn Bhd


Event & Festival


This year, TBWA was once again invited as Festival Partner for the Cooler Lumpur Festival, an ideas festival with thinkers, makers, poets, writes, designers and more. This year’s theme was NOTES FROM THE FUTURE. We were asked to help make the festival feel big and allow visitors to interact, as well as take a piece of the festival home.


We wanted to display a whole new side to ourselves – instead of just an advertising agency, we wanted people to see us as creators, makers, and developers of cool and fun things, too.

First, we developed T.O.B.I. or TBWA’s Own Bot Implementation, a chat-bot disguised as a robot, that travelled from the future to bring news of what happens in Malaysia. T.O.B.I. gave festival goers a chance to ‘converse’ and interact.

We produced PINS FROM THE FUTURE, a whimsical set of enamel pins that showed how Malaysia could be like in the future. It featured Malaysian favourites such as the orangutan, KLCC, songkok and more. It was a popular item, and allowed festival goers to go home with a nice souvenir.

Future Cookies was a simple fortune cookie, that contained tidbits of information about the future in Malaysia.

Lastly, we also had a stand where we celebrated the lost art of letter writing, called LETTERS FROM YOUR FUTURE SELF. Festival goers could write a letter to themsel


Chief Creative Officer: Gigi Lee
Chairman: Sa’ad Hussein
Managing Director: Hui Tsin Yee
Head of Tech: Toby Thurston
Creative Director: Fazlee Sabbaruddin
Senior Art Director: Shireen Ang
Senior Designer: Faridz Husaini
Art Director: Olivia Ariferiani, Chang Chun Boon
Digital Art Director: Yosua Priskwila
Junior Art Director: Chu Khun Liang
Designer: Anlyne Chen, Joanna Mak, Liana Azwa, Chang Chun Boon, Olivia Ariferiani, Amirul Halim, Sara Chong, Zoe Lee
Copywriter: Carmen Cheong, Fazlee Sabbaruddin, Wong Wei Lyn, Magdelene Yeoh
Senior Account Manager: Pauline Teoh
Agency Production: Benson Clive, Andy Ng
Agency Producer: How Mei Ai, Fabian Lum
Agency Editor: Azimah Mohd. Noor
Prop Maker: Huram Art