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Malaysians use on average 300 plastic bags per year, 9 billion bags in total, the vast majority are single use.  Tesco Malaysia halved the number of single-use plastic bags between 2011 and 2017, but the rate of reduction is not fast enough. Other Tesco’s, like the UK, have already banned single-use, but Malaysian education and attitudes lag behind.  BRIEF: Accelerate the reduction in single use bags and help position Tesco as a leading sustainability champion and help build the path to total ban by 2020.  OBJECTIVE: Encourage customers to bring back the bags for every time they shop. Educate customers on the impact of plastic bags Help to significantly change long-term behaviour to allow for the eventual phasing out of single use bags


This is about creating behaviour change on a mass scale. Instead of punishing people for forgetting to bring a bag, let’s reward them for bringing them back. By simply adding a simple change to the design, a barcode, we transform the bag into an ongoing discount, an incentive. Creating a regular, habit forming reward that actively changes behaviour.  Currently Tesco has over 30 re-usable bag designs, all useful but mostly ignored. We simply adapted an existing bag. No new set up costs, simply changing the 1 colour print design of their cheapest and most accessible re-usable bag.


Executive Creative Director : Graham Drew
Creative Director : Heng Thang Wei; Ronojoy Ghosh
Illustration : Ralve Khor
Designer :  Austin Lee
AV Producer : Suzy Chiang
General Manager : Jo Yau
Brand Manager : Leong Cheh Teng (Ken); Elaine Ng; Betty Jane Jelia
Copywriter : Shamini Kandiah

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