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The organ donation rate for organ and tissue transplants in Malaysia is among the lowest in the world. Eventhough organ donation is encouraged by the teaching of Islam in Malaysia, most Muslims who formed the majority of the country are unaware about it. With severe shortage of organ donors in the country, they have contributed their pledge far less than those from other religion. We need to stop the uncertainties and get them to pledge.


Turning religious doubts into religious duty.To change the Muslim’s mindset about organ donation, we collaborated with Zakat Fitrah - a compulsary donation for Muslims in Ramadan. With many Zakat Fitrah counters placed in mosques, it became our main gateway to reach the Muslims.We created videos of ‘the’ Muslim Influencers – Muftis of KL, Johor and Perak endorsing organ donation to erase the Muslims’ doubts about organ donation. These videos were placed at events most frequented by Muslims, the mosques during Friday Prayers and Iftar@KL, the biggest Ramadan event in Kuala Lumpur.


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