Art of Buffer

MERIT Best use of direct & promo (digital-led)


Ensemble Worldwide


Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd




Malaysians preferred to watch videos on mobile but there are certain customers, who used slower internet data and does not have thoughts to switch for faster 4G network. As most of the areas for other network do not have 4G network availability. We saw potential into tapping towards customers on competitors’ networks but how do we convince them to switch for a faster 4G network and simultaneously convert for Maxis 4G network? Since we knew we needed to demonstrate the superiority of Maxis 4G Internet speed to customer on competitors’ networks.


We exploited the irony of buffering on slower competitor network speeds, by creating art pieces which would give customers a better video experience, even when buffering.In this instance, we specifically targeted mobile users on competitor telcos who are on low-bandwidth, where Maxis collaborated with artists to create artwork which makes video buffering on competitor networks a more pleasant-looking experience. YouTube preroll buys are usually very generic. Instead of just serving an ad, we created Buffer Art Gallery, the world’s first art gallery on YouTube preroll. The more you buffer, the more artwork you’ll get to enjoy. This goes to show that Maxis 4G is the best video experience, even while you’re buffering on a competitor’s network.


Executive Creative Director: ensemble worldwide
Production House: MFX