Pizza Hut - Boxes for Malaysia

MERIT Best use of direct & promo (physical)
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TBWA Kuala Lumpur


Pizza Hut


Delivery Boxes


To show appreciation to Malaysians and convey the message of “Thank You for 35 Years of Support” through its pizza box design.


We put the faces of Malaysians on the boxes. How? By creating characters that represent everyday Malaysians, regardless of race, weight, height, clothing and more. We wanted the boxes to be fun and tell a story. We put the characters into simple scenarios according to a particular box size’s narrative. We showed that all characters were connected by the pizza. To make it more interactive, we asked Malaysians to show their creativity by colouring the designs.


Chief Creative Officer : Gigi Lee
Creative Director : Fazlee Sabbaruddin
Copywriter : Fazlee Sabbaruddin, Carmen Cheong
Senior Art Director : Boon Chuan Suah
Designer : See Yan, Amirul Halim
Illustrator : See Yan, Amirul Halim
Chairman : Sa’ad Hussein
Managing Director: Hui Tsin Yee
Group Account Director: Loh Mun Yee
Associate Account Director: Nur Iman Omar
Associate Account Director: Karima Kamal
Head of Studio & Production : Andy Ng
Print Producer: Shelly Ahmad