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MERIT Kancil for Good: Digital Experience
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Recent studies show that Malaysian kids as young as two years old are glued to their devices for at least 6 hours a day. The chance of them developing text neck is at an all-time high. With the dependence on mobile phones expected to rise, banning children from their devices cannot be a permanent solution. So, how do Digi, Internet providers, take responsibility for our children’s posture while using their devices?


Using the phone’s gyroscope, the app tracks the phone’s tilt angle. Any tilt more than 20º will totally disengage the phone. A reminder to hold it up will appear and takeover the screen. Once the phone is held upright, the activity on the phone will resume. The app runs in the background and is password protected to stop kids from deactivating it. So as long as his phone is upright, his posture will be alright!


Executive Creative Director : Alvin Teoh, Paul Lim
Creative Group Head: Rachel Hoo, Gui Jiann Rong
Copywriter : Candice Chhoa
Lead Creative Technology: Peter Yee
Client Service : Kevin Teh / Ong Ee May
Client: Bernard Lee
Client’s Designation : Head of Marketing Services