How KFC Double Downed A Burger Monolith

MERIT Creative Effectiveness: Digital Experience
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QSR Stores Sdn Bhd


KFC Zinger Double Down


The Zinger Double Down returns - and we need to make it an even bigger success. It’s harder to market to Millennials today and McDonald’s have been aggressively going after the same market with their


We used Data by collecting a wide range of conversations about the brand and trending topics, as identified by Google and Facebook. We then identified core conversational clusters and broke it down further into sub-categories. We also found one important insight: Millennials talk in GIFs! Using their GIF language, we recruited the Double Down Man from the TVC and created over 1,200 personalised reaction GIFs for every trending topic!


Executive Creative Director: Amir Faiz
Creative Director: Hajar Yusof
Copywriter: Charmaine Boo, Hajar Yusof
Art Director: Izham Sofi
Motion Graphics Artist: Adrian Yap
Producer: Megat Jazly
Senior Social Media Manager: Hajar Yusof
Senior Social Media Executive: Charmaine Boo
Social Media Executive: Faeez Sabri