KFC Kaki Unite

MERIT Creative Effectiveness: Digital Experience
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QSR Stores Sdn. Bhd.




This might come as a shock, KFC Delivery is actually a thing. If you didn’t then you know the brief. With less than 3% Delivery penetration in the entire Malaysian delivery market, there was a serious lack of awareness about KFC Delivery. Our task was to create awareness and drive traffic to KFC Delivery on KFC.com.my.


We dove into data and discovered through analytics that people love KFC for different reasons. That prompted us to create 8 KFC Kakis based on 8 craving clusters. These clusters helped define our target audience as well as target them with specific key messages that would drive interest. Aside from a full digital video campaign, we created other digital assets, a promotional Cluck-Hour during delivery lulls, in-store character cut-outs and a clutter-cutting on-ground activation, to give KFC Delivery the attention it craved.

1.Search queries for KFC Delivery grew 3% higher than targeted.
2.The content achieved the highest engagement across KFC Campaigns with an average of 99.4% positive reactions.
3.The campaign made it as #2 on Youtube’s Top Ten List for H1 2017.
4.10% growth of new user’s databases.
5.Cluck Hour promo was a proven success with incremental of 104% orders vs pre-campaign period.
6.Bottom-line sales results grew +37%.
7.KFC Delivery also received a +33%


Head of Creatives : Jonn Dogra, Chia Khoo Hoong
Designers : Yap Kean Loon, Jayden Chin
Copywriter: Joshua Joseph
Brand Management : Hanim Mazam, Mazuin Kamal, Marian Christina,
Agency Producers : Farhah Isyiqi, Amirul Dawood

Film Production : Tilt The Water
Executive Producer & Director : Adrian Loh
Editor: Maveriq AV Sdn Bhd

Senior General Manager: Angelina Villanueva
Head of Digital Marketing: Dennis Foo Wai Chuen
Digital Manager: Steff Yong
Assistant Digital Manager: Wong Meg Gan