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In the span of 4 years, the digital and social landscape had changed tremendously. Smartphone penetration had also increase in Malaysia and across SEA. Rather than allowing the citizen of Malaysia and SEA get update information and developments of KL2017 via traditional methods i.e print, tv and radio how do we get the people to experience the games digitally and attain up to the minute results and updates of the games.


Official YouTube Channel :- Live Streaming of Games for Free
No beat was missed. Every game and match was broadcasted on the KL2017 official YouTube channel. A total of 975 videos were uploaded, a total of 25, 909, 526 views garnered during the games period with an average view of 56,081 views per day. The channel had also a viewership spurt of +24,711%  and an increase of subscriptions growth of + 9,900%. We had beat Sports Singapore in terms of viewership total views.

Citizens of Malaysia, SEA and the world could now watch their favourite matches live for free or they could watch it at their most convenient time.

Official YouTube Channel :- KL 2017 360 Opening and Closing Ceremonies

We gave them the best seats in the stadium so that they could experience a birds-eye view of the opening and closing ceremonies in 360 live streaming first ever done for an sporting event in ASIA. The citizens of SEA and the world were at the games with us fellow Malaysians through this never


Creative – Graham Drew (Exec. Creative Director), Andrew Fong (Creative Director), Soo Soon Foon (Jr. Art Director) , Amy Nelson (Social Media Exec), Amanda Nelson (Social Media Exec), Faizan Mazlan (Social Media Exec).
Account Management – Irene Wong (Account Lead), Jo Yau (GM), Marcus SK (Brand Director), Kamil Zulhaidi (Snr. Account Exec)
Clients –Shaiful Zahrin Subhan