Under One Roof

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Bonsey Jaden




Property Search


Purchasing a home is a monumental task for a family. Property prices are so high that it’s only after a couple marries and pools together their combined income that they can afford a place. Which makes the search for that perfect home all the more stressful - because it’s a joint decision made by two individuals.


The spot taps into that very psyche - that with the thousands of listings available on Edge Prop, the search for a place that finally feels like home can finally be made. It humanises the process of looking for a place by making the case that finding a home isn’t just based on price and location, but the things that matter to us as individuals. It’s personal.


Regional ECD: Adam Chan
Creative Group Head: Alicia Hew
Head of Art: Siok Yee
Copywriter: Alicia Hew
Art Director: Siok Yee
CEO: Daniel Posavac
Managing Director: Nic Robertson
Head of Strategy: Taryn Mook
Senior Strategic Planner: Irene Wikanta
Account Manager: Peter Solomon
Film Director: Rajay Singh, Sling Ng
Exec. Producer: Heng Tek Nam
DOP: Lee Wing Lok
Line Producer: De Shen, Ssj Shuying
Production Manager: RK Subash Krishnamurthy
Art Director: Anthony Chan
Wardrobe: Darren Siew
Make Up Monica Gill
Editor: Affandi Jamaludin
Post Production: VHQ KL
Audio: Fuse Adventures in Audio
EdgeProp Brand Manager: Cheok Li Peng