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On Demand (Astro’s OTT service & streaming content provider) is home to all popular TV series, but Astro’s image of being merely a cable TV provider resulted in low awareness of On Demand.


Riding on the hype of Game of Thrones 7th season release and the trend of binge watching marathon prior a release, we targeted fans on Facebook, where they are fed with news of the highly anticipated series.
Using Facebook Memories feature as an inspiration, we relived the show’s best moments in each season. With GoT Memories, fans got to experience Game of Thrones in a brand new way.

Fans experienced Game of Thrones’ past seasons in a different light:
1. Facebook Check-in: The Red Wedding massacre
2. Facebook On This Day: Tyrion remembers the day he kills his father
3. Facebook LIVE: The infamous Walk of Shame
4. Relationship Status: Khaleesi responds to Ser Jorah’s relationship status
5. Friendversary: Theon & Ramsay’s celebration throughout the seasons
6. Birthday Celebration: A Game of Thrones celebration of death instead of births

With their fever for the show renewed, the brand directed fans to watch it all again on Astro On Demand.


Executive Creative Director: Sanyen Liew
Associate Account Director: Clarence Lee
Account Executive: Stephanie Lau
Creative Group Head: Chinwei Wong
Jr. Art Director: Celine Chung
Senior Copywriter: Waikit Lam
Designer: Stephanie Wong